The following photos demonstrate one way to change the wrapping on your sais or you nunte sais. In this case an older wrap of leather is being removed and replaced with red blind cord. You can purchase the cord in a number of colors from stores similar to Home Depot or Lowes. The key in using any material to wrap you sais is that it needs to have some grip and not be slick as it will impact your control of the weapon during use.

Sai Wrap-1

Sai Wrap-2

Sai Wrap-3

Sai Wrap-4

Sai Wrap-5

Sai Wrap-6

Sai Wrap-7

Sai Wrap-8

Sai Wrap-9

Sai Wrap-10

Sai Wrap-11

Sai Wrap-12

Sai Wrap-13