Renewals for 2024 Dojo Charters and Individual Memberships in the INTERNATIONAL KARATE KOBUDO FEDERATION (IKKF) are due effective JANUARY 1, 2024.

The IKKF is internationally recognized as a leading organization whose mission is the preservation of TRADITIONAL KARATE AND KOBUDO with its major emphasis the traditional arts of OKINAWA KENOP KARATE AND OKINAWA KENPO KOBUDO as taught by the late Hanshi SEIKICHI ODO, Okinawa, Japan.

The IKKF was founded by Hanshi's C. BRUCE and ANN-MARIE HEILMAN in 1991, and currently serves Dojos in the United States and Internationally. The IKKF is structured to provide Dojo Charters and both Karate and Kobudo Rank Certifications in compliance with internationally accepted standards. You must be a current member in order to be eligible for rank testing under the IKKF at a Certified IKKF Dojo.

Memberships are on a calendar year basis. Renewal for an Individual (Active Chartered Dojo Member) is only $45.00 USD, for an Individual (Non-Active Chartered Dojo Member) $55.00, and a Lifetime Membership is only US $350.00 USD.

This section presents the Official 2024 IKKF Application Forms necessary for the following:

o IKKF Membership Renewal Flyer for 2024,
o 2024 Dojo Registration Form,
o 2024 Individual Membership Application Form,
o 2024 Renewal Listing Form for Dojo
o 2024 Promotion Certificate Application Form.

When complete, please mail the completed forms with required fees and copy of Yudansha Resume where appropriate to the IKKF Honbu.

Snail Mail:
International Karate Kobudo Federation
11 Club Lane
Reading, PA 19607 USA
ph (610) 921-3601

2024 IKKF APPLICATION FORMS (click to download):

o IKKF 2024 Membership Renewal Flyer

o IKKF 2024 Affiliated Dojo Application Form

o IKKF 2024 Individual Membership Application Form

o IKKF 2024 Dojo Membership Renewals Form

o IKKF 2024 Promotional Certificate Application