The HEILMAN KARATE ACADEMY, INC. (HKA) has been serving the Berks County area since 1972. The school was founded by world renowned martial arts couple, C. Bruce & Ann-Marie Heilman.

The Heilmans bring their vast experience (Mr. Heilman 55 years, Mrs Heilman 48 years) to the HKA to make their program one of the best in the nation.

HKA Philosophy

Since its inception in 1972, the Heilman Karate Academy has been providing its members with the best traditional martial arts training in Berks County. From beginner through Senior Black Belt, the philospphy of the HKA staff has always been to provide an atmosphere for self-improvement for each and every student.

The HKA is is a school which stands apart from the majority of martial arts schools operating today - we are not into "the latest fad", "baby sitting", or "high intensity, fun, feel good programs". What the HKA is into is quality martial arts training as a way of life. Our instructional program is "results based" and not founded on "rewarding students for poor or meteoritic performance so they can feel good about themselves". We believe that a instructional program based on hard training, high performance expectations, and learning from ones mistakes, permits the student to develop the necessary self-discipline and dedication to learn to overcome obstacles and become successful not only in the martial arts but in life in general.

Thus, the primary goal of the HKA is to teach self-discipline, integrity, soundness of mind and body with proper emphasis on control. The traditional martial arts are designed to help build character and prepare the student for self-defense situations as well as teaching them how to avoid conflicts.

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