The HEILMAN KARATE ACADEMY, INC. offers a special INTRODUCTORY PROGRAM for all of our perspective new members.

The HKA offers an FREE INTRO LESSION for perspective members. This provides the perspective member a taste of what traditional martial arts training is like The FREE INTRO LESSON is for one hour and will be taught bo noe of our Senior Instructors.

Upon completion of the Intro Lesson, the new student can join our HKA BEGINNER PROGRAM. The Beginner Program gives the perspective student the opportunity to evaluate our program and experience just how training at the HKA can benefit your life. The HKA Beginner Program provides for eight (8) weeks of training at up to three (3) classes per week, and includes the Student Uniform (Gi). Only $ 199.95

Upon completion of the HKA Beginner Program, the student will be able to join for their FULL MEMBERSHIP PROGRAM. Our HKA Full Membership Program is is on an Annual Basis and payments are made monthly via EFT or Credit Card.

If you have an interest in martial arts training, feel free to come in for a visit, or give us a call or email. Visitors are always welcome at the Heilman Karate Academy. We will be happy to answer any of your questions and if you desire, set up an appontment for your Intro Lessons.

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