This section is presented as a service to those individuals who may not have had previous experience with the martial arts. It covers some general questions normally asked by perspective members.

What is Karate & Kobudo?

Karate is an ancient Okinawan art of self-defense in which the bare hands, arms and feet are used for protection. The term "Karate" when translated means "empty hand". Kobudo is the study of the old weapons way. Okinawan Kobudo teaches the use of various farming and fishing implements which were used by the Okinawans to protect themselves.

Why Study Martial Arts?

Most people study the Martial Arts for self-defense, self-discipline and self-confidence. The HKA Program teaches a very effective means of self-defense as well as being an all around body conditioning athletic activity. Considerable demands are made on one's self-discipline, both physically and mentally. The Program is also very valuable for character development. In short, the HKA Training Program helps produce a well-balanced, self-confident personality, able to aviod conflict, but skilled to defend when necessary.

What Is A Typical Class Like?

A typical class lasts 1 hour during which the student is involved in the following activities:

A minimum of two (2) training sessions per week is recommended to maximize the students progress.

How Long Does It Take To Get Good At Karate?

That depends on the individual. Basic competency comes in about a year to a year and a half. Black Belt eligibility requires from three to five years. True mastery of the arts always takes "one more year".

Can Children Take Karate?

Yes. The practice of Karate is excellent for children as it develops self-discipline as well as improved mind / body coordination. Our HKA Children's Program are suited for children of 8 years or older.

Do We Have Special Programs For Women?

Yes. The HKA offers programs for women that include training in Karate & Ju-Jitsu as well as psychological support for those women who desire to learn how to defend themselves. The programs are taught by both male and female instructors trained in teaching Women's Self-Defense. The women not only gain physical conditioning, but also study the mental and physical aspects of defense situations.

How Much Does It Cost?

The actual cost of lessons at the HKA will vary depending upon the program selected. Typically, one can figure around $110/ month for lessons. Family discounts are also available.

Are Group Or Private Classes Offered?

At the HKA, you can select a specific training program ideally suited to your needs. Both group and private lessons are available, with the focus of the HKA Instructional Program geared to the group class structure.

The HKA Group Class structure provides for out classes to be divided by experience / skill levels. Thus, beginner and advanced classes are offered to enhance the students training.

When Are Classes Held?

Classes are held Tuesday and Thursday evenings and a Saturday morning class. Self-Defense classes are held at periodic intervals.

A minimum class attendance of two classes per week is recommended. For specific class schedules see the "schedule" section of the HKA Web Page.

Why Should I Study At The HKA?

The Heilman Karate Academy offers a unique blend of traditional martial arts training coupled with proven physical and learning development techniques. At the HKA, karate, kobudo, & kendo are taught as arts that can be practiced throughout one's life. Our goal is the development of the overall potential, both mentally and physically of each student. The HKA instructional approach is designed to give each student a through understanding of all aspects of the martial arts. Having trained numerous National and World Champions, the HKA has gained recognition as one of the leading schools of martial arts in the country!