The HEILMAN KARATE ACADEMY, INC. offers a variety of classes for the convenience of its members. Our classes are offered in the evenings at our facility in Muhlenburg Township. The HKA has been serving Berks County since 1972.

Our regular KARATE - KOBUDO PROGRAM is for both Children and Adults. We start our children at 8 years of age and older. Our Adult Program is unique in that is is focused to older adults (Boomers). Our moto is one is never too old to learn self-defense. Our Karate classes are divided into both Beginner and Advanced Levels.

The HKA is also pleased to offer one additional affiliated training programs at the school. A JAPANESE SWORD CLASS which is offered twice a week. This is a separate program which many of our HKA students participate in and the programs are taught by individuals who are also HKA Black Belts.

The HKA Group Classes are divided into the following programs: