The HEILMAN KARATE ACADEMY, INC. has been conducting SELF-DEFENSE and PASSIVE RESTRAINT COURSES in the Berks County area since 1972. These HKA Courses have been conducted by Mr. & Mrs. Heilman for various schools, organizations and businesses. The Heilmans bring a combined total of over 92 years of experience to these programs.

A partial listing of some of the groups that the Heilman's have conducted a SELF-DEFENSE PROGRAM for include:

The HKA SELF-DEFENSE COURSE is structured to introduce the students to basic self-defense procedures that will be useful to them in an abusive situation. The course covers awareness, prevention, avoidance, escape and control measures as well as practical self-defense techniques.

The HKA Philosophy of Personal Protection is: "No one has the right to harm the student. However, in protecting themselves the student only has the right to use sufficient force to eliminate the threat - no more." In other words, the HKA Philosophy stressed during any of our courses is one of "Passive Restraint", and the students responsibility for the use of their self-protection skills will be stressed. True traditional martial arts are "Non-violent".

The objectives of a HKA SELF-DEFENSE PROGRAM are:

As with any body of knowledge, it is only as useful as the student's application of it in an actual situation. It is the desire of the Seminar Instructors, that these exercises will become part of the student's routine and will be practiced regularly. However, knowing that regular practice will most likely NOT be the rule for most of the students, the HKA Self-Defense Program has been designed to "keep it simple". The seminar avoids the use of techniques which are foreign to the typical movement principles used by the students in their daily lives. Rather, the HKA Self-Defense Program will introduce the students to easy, simple techniques which can be performed with a high level of success without a lot of on-going practice.

Local businesses and civic organizations can also sponsor such a program for their personnel. If you would like additional information on offering such a program for your group, give the HKA a call or email.

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HKA Self-Defense Course Information