The INTERNATIONAL KARATE KOBUDO FEDERATION is pleased to announce its 40TH IKKF ANNUAL TRAINING, JULY 12-14, 2024. Our first Annual Training was held in 1984 at which Okinawa Kenpo Karate Kobudo Hanshi SEIKICHI ODO was present. Over the years we have continued with the concept of bringing together a group of top flight instructors for three days of in-depth training on the traditional martial arts.

The 2024 IKKF ANNUAL TRAINING will be held at IKKF HONBU (HKA Dojo) located in Reading, PA.

The training is open to BROWN AND BLACK BELTS. So get your registrations in early to reserve your place. Our ANNUAL TRAININGS have been great learning opportunities in the past and we anticipate this years event will be just as good.


This photo is of the Hanshi, Kyoshi and Renshi attending the 2011 IKKF Annual Training.


A group photo of the participants at the 2011 IKKF Annual Training.


The 2024 IKKF ANNUAL TRAINING, as with previous years, we plan to devote Friday for training in Okinawa Kenpo Karate and Kobudo. Our Saturday and Sunday Sessions will also include our other Guest Instructors presenting other topics on the traditional arts.

The tentative list of Instructors for the 2024 IKKF ANNUAL TRAINING includes the following individuals:

- Hanshi C. Bruce Heilman, Karate & Kobudo

- Hanshi Larry Isaac, Karate & Kobudo

- Hanshi Ann-Marie Heilman, Karate & Kobudo

- Hanshi Bill Hayes, Martial Arts Science

- Kyoshi Carla Molinaro, Goju-ryu Drills

- Other Guest Instructors to be announced

- Plus other invited IKKF Kyoshi Level Instructors


The 2024 IKKF ANNUAL TRAINING will run over 3 days and will be held at the IKKF Honbu (HKA Dojo).
Topics for the sessions will include:

A Detailed Training Schedule will be posted as we finalize the teaching schedule well in advance of the event so prospective participants can see just what topics will be offered.

Bring your own weapons. Some weapons will be available for sale at the event. NO VIDEO TAPING is permitted of the seminar by seminar participants. IKKF Video Training DVD's will be available for purchase at the event.


More information on specific details and associated costs to follow. Directions will be available at the Training Event.


As usual for the IKKF Annual Trainings, a FORMAL YUDANSHA TESTING will be conducted. This testing will be held on Friday Evening at the IKKF HONBU.

IKKF Testing - A Yudansha Testing will be held for those members being considered for Yudansha Certification in Okinawa Kenpo Karate Kobudo as well as Okinawa Kenpo Kobudo. Any IKKF Dojo Heads who have members of their dojos that they wish to recommend for promotional consideration should forward a copy of the individals martial arts resume along with their promotional request (note - promotion fees should accompany recommendation for testing).


The schedule for the three day training event is as follows:

    o Thursday, July 11th - Evening Open House at IKKF Honbu, 6-8pm

    o Friday, July 12th - Registration 9am, Seminars (focus Okinawa Kenpo Karate & Kobudo / Yudansha Testing Review) 10am - 4:30pm
        - Yudansha Testing (Karate and Kobudo) - 7-9pm (IKKF Honbu)

    o Saturday, July 13th - Seminars (all topics w/Guest Instructors) 10am - 4:30pm (off-Honbu location)
        - BANQUET or COOK OUT - 7-9pm (More Info to follow)

    o Sunday, July 14th - Seminars (weapons fighting and review sessions) 10am - 1pm (IKKF Honbu)


Costs for the 2024 IKKF ANNUAL TRAINING are as follows:

  • PRE-REGISTRATION FULL EVENT, IKKF Member $180.00, Non-Member $195.00
  • PRE-REGISTRATION ONE DAY (7/12 or 13), IKKF Member $100.00, Non-IKKF Member $110.00
  • Late registration (after 6/15) FULL EVENT, IKKF Member $190.00, Non-IKKF Member $205.00
  • Late registration (after 6/15) ONE DAY, IKKF Member $110.00, Non-IKKF Member $120.00.00



HAMPTEN INN,1800 Papermill Road, Wyomissing, Pa 19610, (855) 479-0732
WELLESLEY INNS - Papermill Rd. & Woodland Avenue, Wyomissing, Pa, (610) 374-1500
COMFORT INN - 2200 Stacey Drive, Reading, Pa. (610) 371-0500

Also, as in the past participants can sleep over at the Honbu. Space is limited so if you are planning on staying at the Dojo, register for the Annual Training EARLY and add a note with your registration about who would be asking to stay at the dojo (bring your own bedding/pillows, etc.)


We hope to have a limited number of limited edition 2024 ANNUAL TRAINING T-SHIRTS for sale at the event. Additional orders can taken if supply runs short.


YES, I plan to attend the 2024 IKKF ANNUAL TRAINING. My check or Money Order is enclosed. Make payable to "IKKF"


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