The International Karate Kobudo Federation offers its members the following benefits:
Join Hanshi Heilman and the IKKF in the spirit of International Budo and get back to the roots of traditional Okinawan / Japanese Martial Arts.


The IKKF offers the following types of memberships:
Further, the IKKF is divided into two (2) Formal Divisions to serve the various needs of our membership. These divisions include:
All IKKF memberships (for all divisions and membership types) are on an Annual Basis (calendar year).

Each Dojo within the IKKF is required to be registered with the Federation. All Dojo registrations will be issued a Registration Certificate (Charter) from the IKKF Hombu. Each IKKF Dojo must be under the direction of an IKKF Licensed Instructor (4th Dan or higher) or sponsored by such an individual. In this manner the Dojo can be assured of having a specific individual responsible for supporting their program, and at the same time the IKKF can be assured of the quality of the program - it is a win-win situation for all involved.

All members of an IKKF Registered Okinawa Kenpo Karate-Kobudo Dojo are expected to be active individual members of the Federation.

In the case of those Dojos only involved in the IKKF Kobudo Division, all individuals of the member body training in IKKF Okinawan Kobudo are expected to be active individual members of the Federation. Active IKKF Individual Membership will be required for any such individual to receive rank certification in Okinawan Kobudo from the IKKF.

For information on how to join the IKKF and copies of application forms for individuals and dojos, please see (How Do I Join) section of this Web Page.