The following photos are taken from old article of Mr. Heilman's, "The A,B,C's of Ground Fighting" which is presented as the Feature Article of the Quarter - 1st Quarter, 1999. The article was published in both the States and in Italy, and dates back from Mr. Heilman's "kyoshi" days.

The first series of photos cover the basics of front, back, side and roll fall.

Front Break Fall

Back Break Fall

Side Break Fall

Roll Fall

The next series of photos demonstrate on-ground turning techniques (from side to side) and the three "on-guard" positions.

Turning Movement

On-Guard Positions

This next set, focuses on kicking techniques that are executed from the ground. They include: side kick, front kick, roundhouse kick (either with ball of foot or instep), and double leg kick.

Side Kick Front Kick

Round House Kick Double Leg Kick

In this series of photos, Mr. Heilman takes you through some offensive leg attacking techniques.

Front Leg Break Front Leg Sweep

Front Leg Takedown (Inside) Front Leg Takedown (Outside)

In this series of photos, Mr. Heilman demonstrates some applications of counters against a punch, kick and the use of a draw to set up a double leg kick.

Counter to Punch Counter to Kick

Draw followed by Double Leg Kick

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