The purpose of the VIRTUAL DOJO is to present some training tips and other items of interest to our members. It is our intent to include a variety of "how to training tips" in both picture and video format and to set up an archives of these training tips for easy reference.

We hope you enjoy these training tips.

Virtual Dojo Archives:

The following archives of IKKF Articles is presented as a service to our membership.

Virtual Dojo - "Correct Use Of The Tonfa"
Virtual Dojo - "Nunchaku: Basic and Advanced Techniques"
Virtual Dojo - "Basic Sparring Concepts"
Virtual Dojo - "Basic Sai Techniques"
Virtual Dojo - "Bo Disarms - Advanced Level Bo Bunkai"
Virtual Dojo - "Multiple Opponent Fighting"
Virtual Dojo - "Bo Blocking Techniques"
Virtual Dojo - "Basic Contact Drills"
Virtual Dojo - "Bo Training Exercises"
Virtual Dojo - "Stances In Kobudo"
Virtual Dojo - "Breakfalls & Groundfighting"

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